One of the benefits of private air travel is the


From the moment you enquire about booking with Xclusive Jet, you will receive a tailored, personal experience from our dedicated team. Your schedule may be complicated, but your travel need not be. Find out exactly how we can make a difference.


from your first enquiry

Our team provide a personal Xperience

Simple. Efficient. Reliable. When scheduling a flight, every detail is covered to meet your exacting requirements. Be it a particular bottle of champagne or magazine on board or organising a chauffeured service to the airport.

We are committed to doing everything possible to ensure your expectations are surpassed.




depart in style

Private, on time and on your schedule

With Xclusive, the schedule revolves around you. If your meeting overruns, one simple call or email and we will rearrange your itinerary around you, for you.

Depart from a private terminal, by-pass security and meet your personal pilot. All your details are checked in advance to ensure your experience is as smooth and stress free as possible.



your flight

The ultimate in luxury and comfort

We work with you to select the right aircraft to meet your every requirement. When you fly with us you enjoy an unparalleled experience. 

Whatever your needs are; we are happy to accommodate them. Whether this includes a-la-carte dining on board, specially ordered drinks or in-flight entertainment.  



Arrive at your destination

Refreshed, relaxed and ready to enjoy

When you arrive at your destination there will still be a security check, but you will be in a queue of maybe one or two, not 500! The whole process is therefore completed in minutes, making your time in the terminal very brief.

Why not let us arrange a chauffeured driven car to meet you at the aircraft steps to whisk you off to your final destination. 



added lifestyle

We are committed beyond your flight

From last minute restaurant reservations to sold out event tickets and bespoke travel itineraries, our Xclusive Concierge service is designed to help create personalised experiences for you.

Our team is available 24/7, ready and prepared to assist with your every request.