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From August 25th, 2016 EASA regulations (EU) 965.2012 Part-NCC will be implemented affection owners and operators that operate privately.


What is Part-NCC?

From August 25th 2016 EASA Regulation (EU) 965/2012 Part-NCC will be implemented affecting owners and operators on aircraft that operate non-commercially, privately... those that are not use for commercial flights.

EASA, the aviation regulator for European aviation requires an internal structure to be in-place that can assure the safety of flight operations on a day-to-day basis.

If you believe this applies to you; whether your aircraft is registered in an EASA member state or not, your main place of business or residence is within an EU member state, or for example you contract your flight operations to a provider within an EU member state, then you do have an obligation to check and if it does, you will be required to comply.


How does this affect you?

If you and your operation is then subject to Part-NCC, it will come with responsibilities that include (but may not be limited to), establishment of a Safety Management System to include compliance monitoring; documenting your processes and procedures and defining the standard operating procedures for each aircraft type you operate through an operations manual; ensuring your aircraft equipment requirements are met and meeting your training obligations.

A declaration detailing the operators’ structure is to be made to the competent authority (in the UK, the CAA) that is to define the aircraft, the operation and the continuing airworthiness arrangements.


Failure to comply...

Failure to comply with the regulation is a criminal offence and could result in the grounding of your aircraft. And, should you, as a non-compliant operator, experience an accident or incident, your insurer may have rights to reject a claim you may make.