Why Fly Private?

Flying privately may not be as far-fetched as it seems. If you value the hours of time saved, and the convenience, it can be great value for money. Here are the top five reasons to fly private.

1. It's Flexible.

Flying by private jet means that every element of a clients schedule is completely flexible. Taking off when the client wants, bringing them closer to their end destination or taking off right at the end of a meeting. These combined can save many hours and even a whole day when compared to a commercial airline schedule. Private jets do not need the same airport services that many large commercial airlines do, so therefore have the advantage of flying out of smaller, general aviation airports. There are more minor airports and one more likely closer to your home than a major airport. If your meeting overruns or you're stuck in traffic making the flight, all it takes is for one quick phone call to the aircraft operator who can then re-schedule the departure time.

2. It's Personalised.

Clients can request pretty much anything to be on board waiting for them. All food and beverage requests will be passed to the on-board flight attendant in advance, meaning that you can rest assured with the knowledge that your requests will be met. Many private terminals have FBO's who offer a wide range of terminal services for aircraft, crew and passengers. The services provided range from on-board catering requests, ground transportation, VIP customs and immigration clearance. 

3. It's Efficient.

Chartering a private jet allows you to arrive as little as 15 minutes before your flight, allowing you to travel stress-free, without the hassle of major airport security and busy departure lounges. Although security procedures are still a necessity, the streamlined process is over in a matter of seconds. The plane will not leave without you on it, and as soon as you are, chocks away and you're free to go. Upon landing at your destination, your luggage is unloaded by ground staff as you get straight into your vehicle, no need to endure the long monotonous wait around the luggage carousel!

4. It's Safe & Secure.

There is always the element of unknown when boarding a commercial aircraft after the events of 9/11. In the majority of cases, the client who hires the jet determines who else will be on the plane. There is no danger of carrying unknown passengers with unknown intentions. With a maximum altitude range of 51,000m, private jets will generally fly at much higher altitudes when compared to commercial aircraft. The higher altitude allows the plane to go over any stormy weather conditions making for an comfortable, turbulent free flight. Private jet operators have impeccable safety records, enforcing safety management systems that easily compare to any commercial airline company. Additionally, they only recruit the very best pilots via a vigorous selection process so you can rest assured you're in safe hands.

5. It's Actually Really Cool!

Having recently experienced a flight on our Falcon 900B to Paris, it's very easy to see why the growth of this industry is so rapid. The experience will of course depend on the type of aircraft and the operator you are chartering from, but the process is a great deal easier and quicker than flying commercially.  From our base in Southampton, we made our lunch reservation at Le Café Marly overlooking the famous Louvre pyramid in just over 90 minutes!